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Prophetic Vision

While a group of us were in prayer on the evening of 11-2-07 there was a Prophetic vision given; There were two hands with a book in the heavens, they opened the book as if reading. Then the book was turned over face down so that a group of people could see what was written in the book. They fell to the ground and began to worship the One who held the book. In the book was written the Logos. " The Plan of the Father " The people read and understood the plan. Then while the people were worshiping there appeared a whirl-wind of wind and fire. It was spinning in a clockwise rotation over the people. The people were still prostrate on their faces worshiping with all their might. They were being changed by the wind and the fire. Suddenly the fire was gone and the wind was no more and the people got up and began to move into the same direction. From the people came confidence, assuredness, no fear, singleness of mind and thought. They knew the plan and began to walk in it.
As I was contemplating upon this vision the Lord began showing me those people who are walking in singleness of mind with assuredness and no fear. They were the army of God. They are clothed in Christ Jesus from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet. They have upon their heads the helmet of Salvation. Upon their breasts is the breast plate of Righteousness. Girding their waists is the belt of Truth. Upon their feet is the Gospel of the shoes of Peace. Covering their whole being was the shield of Faith. The sword of the Spirit was grasped tightly in their hands. They had a mission, a focus. They were not looking to the right or to the left they were moving forward and speaking the Word of God. They were on the offence not just the defense. They weren't backing down or looking back but moving forward and speaking the Word. The enemy had no power over them, they were not daunted by him.

The enemy being the accuser and liar as he is shouts tirades to God's people such as "You aren't worthy,"  "your a failure" and will never amount to anything." But this particular army of God would reply back in unison. "We have been made worthy by the blood of Christ Jesus. We are the Righteousness of Christ Jesus." The enemy wasn't giving up, "remember what the Doctor told you?" shouted the enemy, "you are going to die you have a disease in your body". The army shouted in unison; "by the stripes of Jesus we are healed, we believe the report of the Lord." The enemy is relentless, but so is the army of God. "You are not going to be able to get out of this pit of debt, you are going to lose everything, shouts the enemy." "My God will supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory, He has given me more than enough, I will have no lack, He has rebuked the devourer". "Your friends and family are all against you, " shouts the enemy. "If God be for us who can be against us," says the army of God. The enemy is starting to become anxious because the army of God is closing in on him and he is running out of time and tricks. The army surrounds him and draws in closer. The army of God shouts; "you are defeated devil, Jesus is victorious." "We are complete in Christ Jesus." " We are one with Christ Jesus." "You are under His feet therefore you are under our feet." The enemy continues screaming his tirade of accusations. Now the army of God is shouting: We can't hear you anymore devil because of the roaring laughter of the Great I AM.

Move forward! Speak the Word! Don't give up! We have the Victory in Christ Jesus!


Yep! We serve an awesome God! Rank and file is coming to the Army of God. Loose the useless, Heal the restless and Protect the defenders. Love ya Cuz! Good job!

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