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God's Faithful Ones

This writing was inspired by a dream that the Holy Spirit gave me on June 24th of 1999 early in the morning. I seen men and women laying themselves on an altar of fire. But there were some that would not lay themselves on this altar. It was revealed to me that the ones who did were the Faithful Ones of God. He was purifying them of all unrighteousness and preparing them for the last days before His return. The Spirit of the Lord then explained the meaning of dream to me. And is as follows:
Making our bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God is our reasonable service.

Are we willing to lay ourselves on the altar of the Lord and let His consuming fire try us and purify us so that He can bring us forth as pure gold? Placing ourselves on the altar of the Lord to be consumed by His fire is a hard thing and even painful to our flesh. In the fire we will be cleansed, all our impurities will be burned up. Are we willing to forsake and sacrifice those things in our lives that are keeping us from growing closer to the Lord? Are we willing to let go of all our insecurities? Are we willing to say "Not my will but yours be done" just like Jesus did? Jesus knew the suffering that was ahead. He knew the pain that was to come, but, He also knew the joy that was ahead after enduring the sufferings of the cross. He saw the victory, the reward, the crown.

Some will be afraid because it is to big of a sacrifice for them and they will make excuses. Others will willingly step into the fire, they are the ones that can't deny the powerful driving force that is within them. They will forsake all just so they can see the ONE who forsook all for them, FACE to FACE. Nothing in this world will hold them back or stop them. They will lay their lives on the line, risking it all. They are GOD'S FAITHFUL ONES. They are truly soldiers of the cross. They are His precious most beautiful of all jewels that He holds in the palm of His hands. He's had them in His fire trying and purifying them. They are the soldiers of the last days. They will be the ones leading God's people into victory. They are the anointed Ones, full of the Holy Spirit. The zeal of God will be their banner. They will be known and easily recognized, for their eyes will burn with the Truth of God as well as the Love of God.

The enemy knows their name. He is battling them even now as to try and stop them from laying their lives on the altar of God. This very thought strikes fear into him. GOD'S FAITHFUL ONES are overcoming the enemy at this very moment. The enemy attacks, but it only drives them closer to their Lord. The enemy is thinking that if he continues to attack harder and more aggressively that GOD'S FAITHFUL will eventually grow weary and give-up. GOD'S FAITHFUL DO NOT GIVE UP THOUGH. They keep overcoming and drawing closer to their Lord, for they have gotten a revelation and know who they are in CHRIST JESUS.

They are fighting with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

They are speaking who they are in Christ Jesus. Their shield of Faith is quenching all the fiery darts of the wicked.

Truth girds their very being and exudes from them like a glorious Light. This glorious Light blinds the enemy but opens the eyes of GOD'S FAITHFUL ONES so that they can see clearly.

Their breastplates of Righteousness guards their hearts from pride, but fills their hearts with thanksgiving, praise and worship to the ONE that they adore.

Their shoes of Peace silences the terrors of the beast. Their helmet of Salvation illuminates with the Light of Hope for the lost and dying. Like a Lighthouse they will draw them in.

GOD'S FAITHFUL ONES are closing in on the enemy. He is surrounded. They are pressing in on him. Closer and closer they move in on the enemy. His space is getting tighter and tighter. Eventually he will be snuffed out by the FAITHFUL ONES OF GOD. Jesus has the victory, therefore we have the victory!!!Hallelujah!!!!

Now.......... I ask again are we willing to lay our lives on the altar of the Lord?


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