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For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire

Duet. 4:24 says it all. The Lord your God is a consuming fire.
Are there times when you will look around and say where is God at? You will think He is so far away. Because you're struggling with a problem you just can't be rid of, even though you have fought with all your might to overcome, but still no victory. Does the road look to long or too high? Do you think to yourself I just can't do it, I'll never be able to have the victory? You say, oh well this is my lot in life. I guess this is the way I'll be till I die. Or you have said, life is to hard, I give up.

Well have I got good news for you. Our God is a consuming fire. He wants to burn up your problems to get them out of your life. He is waiting to consume your situation no matter what it is. It is all up to you. He is waiting for us to hand it over to him and when we do He will take it and burn it out of our lives.

Take forgiveness for example: We can say oh I forgive them because the Word says to forgive and I am trying to be obedient to the Word. But forgiveness must be of the heart not the mind. The Lord is the one that changes the heart. You see, He takes our hearts of stone and makes them hearts of flesh. When He does that He has to consume some things in our life. He has to burn out some things. He uses a refiners fire to make us pure. I have seen what fire does, it is hungry, it will consume everything until it is all gone. That is what the Lord does, He consumes it until it is completely gone, because He is hungry to bring you to the place as He sees you. His child redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Glory to His Name. He brings us from Glory to Glory, from one level to another level. All of this so that He can prepare you to be the bride without spot or blemish, beautified for the groom.

So today let Him consume you. Let Him refine you. Let Him take you to the next level in Him. He has said You shall not be ashamed. What you will do is rejoice in the King of kings and the Lord of lords and praise Him for the greatness of His love and grace.


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