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If it's screaming don't answer it!

It's hard to get away from all the noise in life and find that place of peace and serenity. The world screams. Our own thoughts will scream. Addictions scream. The enemy will scream to get our attention. We try hard to shut it out. But the noise can be relentless at times.

Is there any thing that is screaming in your life today? Is nicotine screaming in your life? Is alcohol screaming in your life? Could worry be screaming in your life? Is depression screaming in your life? How do we combat the screams? How do we stop the noise?

Here is an idea. One that God had to teach me. When it screams don't answer it! Don't pacify it! Don't cater to it! Don't react to it! Don't respond to it! Know this, if it is screaming it is not of God. If it is demanding your attention and you know that it's intention is to bring you heartache, pain or even possible death, it is not the voice of God but the lies of the enemy.

I want to encourage you as well as challenge you to take this screaming off the walls of your heart and life. Unplug him from his outlet which gives him access to his energy and throw him away. Plug your heart and life into the voice of the Holy Spirit which speaks only Truth, Love and Peace. Remain steadfast and speak God's word into your life and the screaming will be the defeated one this time and not you.

When you stop giving the enemy ground in your life and no place for him to set up camp he has no choice but to flee. Submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you! He has no other options and that is final. God and you have the last say!

Read God's Word! Study His Word! Embrace His Word and Live His Word and have the victory today in your life!!


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