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Your Refreshing Rains

Are you dry and thirsty my friend? Our Heavenly Father's Refreshing Rain is at hand and it is only a prayer away. May this be our heart's cry to our Father in Heaven:

Let Your Refreshing Rain pour down upon me my Father God! Rain down your glory upon me and may I walk in Your glory and taste Your refreshing rain upon my dry and parched land. Comfort me with your showers and rain down your wisdom upon me and be my guide. Let your rain of Grace wash over me and your rain of mercy saturate me!

You are so highly exalted God, you make the streams to flow in the mountains and the deserts. I have cried unto You and You have heard me from Your throne. You have bent down and You have kissed me with the showers of Your blessings. When I cried unto You, You came running and met me and gave unto me your waters that brought me comfort and quenched my thirsty soul.

O' how I love You and long for You my Lord, my Savior, my precious Jesus!

Your glory covers the earth. Your refreshing rain…

All Things Are Possible!

Romans 15:2 -Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification.

Ephesians 4:29 -Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

I want to edify the Body of Christ today. The word edify in the Greek is oikodomeo which means to be a house builder, construct, confirm, build up, embolden. I desire to instill courage in you today by encouraging you. Which by the way the word encourage is another word for edify. I want each of you to know that you are valued and very precious. No matter what you may be facing today, know that you can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. You are strong in the Lord and you can walk in the power of His might!

If you love God and you have made Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life then I can tell you that your destiny is a promising one. You are a vessel of strength and honor and God will use you for His glory. Your foundation is…

I Called and Grace Came

I can't seem to get away from His Grace. Maybe it is because God has been so very gracious to me and I am so very thankful to Him for this.

When I should of been dead I Called and Grace Came and I found that He had kept me alive.
When I felt so alone and rejected I Called and Grace Came and I found that He would never leave me nor forsake me.
When I felt so ashamed and full of guilt I Called and Grace Came and I found that He had forgiven me.
When I should have been in prison I Called and Grace Came and I found that He had set me free.
When I didn't know which way to go I Called and Grace Came and I found that He was leading me.
When I was ready to give up I Called and Grace came and I found that He had strengthened me.
When it seemed that all hope was loss I Called and Grace Came and I found that He rescued me. I am so thankful to God for His Grace. It has caused me to have an intimate relationship of communion with Him which is first and foremost in my life, but it doesn&#…