Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your Refreshing Rains

Are you dry and thirsty my friend? Our Heavenly Father's Refreshing Rain is at hand and it is only a prayer away. May this be our heart's cry to our Father in Heaven:

Let Your Refreshing Rain pour down upon me my Father God! Rain down your glory upon me and may I walk in Your glory and taste Your refreshing rain upon my dry and parched land. Comfort me with your showers and rain down your wisdom upon me and be my guide. Let your rain of Grace wash over me and your rain of mercy saturate me!

You are so highly exalted God, you make the streams to flow in the mountains and the deserts. I have cried unto You and You have heard me from Your throne. You have bent down and You have kissed me with the showers of Your blessings. When I cried unto You, You came running and met me and gave unto me your waters that brought me comfort and quenched my thirsty soul.

O' how I love You and long for You my Lord, my Savior, my precious Jesus!

Your glory covers the earth. Your refreshing rain brings forth New Life. You are a God that restores and beautifies and brings refreshing to your people. May your cleansing waters wash over us continually. May your cool waters of Life soak us and permeate us and bring healing to our souls! From out of our belly will flow your rivers of Life.

Make us brand new by the rains of your Holy Spirit Father God. May your Loving Spirit wash over us. May your peace and your joy rain down upon us and bring new beginnings. Your rain will renew our strength and will make our hearts moist and filled with pools of life.

As I have drank of your refreshing waters I ask for the pools of my heart to always be full so that I may continually draw joy from your wells of salvation. So let your Refreshing Rain pour down upon me my Father God for my soul thirsts for You! All of creation needs your Refreshing Rain so let it rain in Jesus Name Amen!


valerie lynn said...

Yes Lord Jesus let it rain!! Open the floodgates and let it rain! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!!!

Alexander said...

Thank you! Put me in a good place...of course He did!

Christinewjc said...

Hello Tamela,

Your blog is so encouraging and uplifting - through great Scriptures and praise for Jesus! How wonderful! Thank you for inviting me over here via Blog Catalog so that I could enjoy the inspirational posts you have written! A great way to start this Sunday - the Lord's Day!

God bless you!
In Him,

Blessed One said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I love the song here too. I look forward to coming back again. Have a blessed day! ~ Tracy

Writing from the heart said...

My sister! What a blessing! Your page is so powerful. As I heard that song and looked at your pictures, I can tell that the Holy Spirit has rained down his blessings on your family! And just seeing your pictures, my soul is touched. God bless you!

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