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Rejoice in His Grace!

Rejoice in His Grace for it has been freely given to you: We are free to live in God's Grace (His unmerited favor). (Eph. 2:8-9 N.L.T.) God saved us by His special unmerited favor when we believed. And we can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. Have you heard the term; that there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more or any less? Knowing this, why do so many constantly try to prove themselves worthy of God's love. A lot of people have been conditioned for so many years to believe that if they are ever going to have anything they are going to have to earn it. After all nothing is free, right? It's hard for most to comprehend Grace because they are trying to understand it in the natural. It will never be naturally understood though. As long as we are trying to put it on an intellectual level we will never grasp it. It is only by faith that we can acquire this beautiful revelation of Grace and what it truly means. Grasping it can be the difference between life and death spiritually and sometimes even physically speaking.

For example let's take a look at the person that sees everything in a legalistic kind of way. They pull out their legal list and check mark all the religious conditions that their doctrine has expected them to follow. Here are some examples, for the woman, she must never cut her hair. For the man, he must always cut his hair but have no facial hair. For some, you must say this prayer for that sin three times a day before your sin will be forgiven. If you don't attend church every time the doors are open then you really don't love Jesus. You must be busy working for the church at all times to be considered a worthy child of God. And the list can go on and on. By the time they get through their legal list day after day they can be so mentally and physically exhausted that they can literally become weakened in their bodies and discouraged in their spirit because they still feel they are just not doing enough to earn their love and acceptance from God. Some truly believe that this is a sign of their holiness and or right living, and to be truly saved you must look like this and abide by all these rules. They will even try to convince and lay this burden upon others. Some will tell you, that if you want to be a true witness of your salvation than you must fulfill all these precepts that we have. You must dress like this, don't wear that. Don't clap in the church, you can't say amen.
Have you received the Spirit by the works of the law, or by hearing of faith? Having begun in the Spirit why are you now trying to become perfect by the flesh? Many are living in this pit of painful obligation and works. They feel as though they are required to do this or not to do that as to be pleasing to God. All the while the bands are being snapped on and they are being held captive in a prison of deception. We must not allow this to be our identity in Christ Jesus, because this only nullifies the cross of Jesus and exalts the religious laws of man. Freely God has given you this gift of salvation by Grace through the cross of His Son Jesus Christ. It is His gift that He is offering you. No strings attached. May we not grieve our Heavenly Father by telling Him thanks but no thanks I'll do it on my own. Or may we not say to our Father, "here let me pay You for your gift to me, because I must pay for such a gift before I can receive it, because after all I am not worthy of it." If we were worthy then we wouldn't need His gift of Grace, right? This is why we must freely receive God's gift of Grace for us, because in doing so we are acknowledging that despite our unworthiness we can humbly receive and be ever so grateful for Jesus and His death on the cross for us. This is humility in all of it's beauty.

Receive God's gift of Grace and know freedom and rejoicing in your life in Christ Jesus!


Gigi said…
Great post - SO much truth there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I hope you'll be back often!
thekingpin68 said…
We were worthy then we wouldn't need His gift of Grace, right? This is why we must freely receive God's gift of Grace for us, because in doing so we are acknowledging that despite our unworthiness we can humbly receive and be ever so grateful for Jesus and His death on the cross for us. This is humility in all of it's beauty.

Christians receive the gospel in grace through faith as God's children.

We should remain humble and teachable.

Blessed One said…
This really is a great post. I'm so grateful for His grace because I know I'm not worthy of it. I try to live right because of my love for Him, but I fail every day. What a blessing to know His mercies are new every day and His love for me is without condition. Blessings!
jeleasure said…
Tamela said,

“If w were worthy then we wouldn’t need His gift of grace, right?”.

This statement is correct. You are also correct concerning legalism. You made it very clear that you were discussing what is unnecessary and certain items you listed are covered by Christ’s atoning work. Those items were of the Law of the Old Testament. Other items you listed were of man’s thoughts on appropriate worship.

Did you expect this next word? HOWEVER, Jesus commands us to love one another.

In Matthew 25, Jesus also says to certain people that because they loved others, they loved Him. And for this reason they that believed on Christ and loved can take their inheritance. Those that did not love others did not love Jesus. For this failure, they will be cast away from Him to eternal punishment.

I understand what you are saying about Grace. And I believe you understand the importance of being obedient to Christ's commands.

I will have to take a look at that other post after work, today.
valerie lynn said…
Tamela "Open the Floodgates of Heaven" is one of my favorite songs. It brings me to tears because I know how awesome and powerful our God is. Open the floodgates of Heaven let it rain Lord let it rain! Rejoice in the Lord for He is worthy to be praised! Blessings!
jeleasure said…
Hey "T",
Here is a new blogger for you to visit. Her name is Amanda. Drop by her site and tell her I sent you. She is willing to add to her link list anyone who is from my network, (or something like that).
Do You Really Have to Kiss Frogs?
I share some of my UK story, Tammy.:)
Thanks, Tammy.

Very nice, and I replied.
Nitewrit said…
There are 613 to-dos in "The Law" and men added to them. This is what the Pharisees thought they kept and got bent out of shape because Jesus and his followers didn't wash their hands correctly, among other things, like healing on the Sabbath. Paul got frustrated with men trying to slip in their to-do lists on the beginning church. We still have the list makers today.

If the list-makers had their way we would have keep all those myriad laws to get to Heaven. We can't do it. That was the point of the law to begin with, to humble us in the realization we couldn't keep it on our own. If not for Grace, we'd be damned.

613, plus what men keep adding, imagine keeping 613 when we can't even keep the basic ten commandments. I try my best, but I come up short every day.

In fact, Jesus told us to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself."
We struggle mightily just trying to keep those two and fail more often than we'd like to admit.

So think where we'd be without God's Grace? Well, you know where.

Tamela, I hope you don't mind, but I am going to reference your post about "Water off a Duck's Back" in my next post on Night Writing. It will be called "Mosquitoes".

And congrats on racking up another award.

T. Blue said…
This is my first time to your blog... Awesome post and great reminder! I am so thankful for God's loving mercy & grace. But most of all for His love!

God bless ya sister!

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