Friday, October 24, 2008

The Love Test!

May we always be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and offer that special hug or touch, it may mean the difference between life and death for some as well as a test on our part.
Back in 1992 I believe it was, there was a homeless lady who came to a church we use to attend. It was a ladies conference and I was one of the greeters at the door. We were told specifically that we were to receive the tickets at the door and that they could not come into the church without one, I thought to myself, "how rude!" what if someone comes who doesn't have a ticket for whatever reason?

When the homeless lady approached the door, of course I knew that she wouldn't have a ticket but I asked her any ways just in case someone might of gave her one. She told me that she didn't have a ticket, so being the renegade that I am I lovingly stroked her back and said, "come on in, I will find you a seat."

The conference leader approached me and asked if she had a ticket. I said, "No she doesn't, but she should be allowed to attend anyways." I usually just say what I think, sometimes it gets me in a lot of trouble though. I am still seeking some wisdom from the Lord in that area LOL! He is very patient with me. Thank you Jesus!

Well anyways, I had found out later that it was all a set up and the homeless lady was a plant.

We all had volunteered our positions and I love to greet, so I chose to greet the people coming in the door. The test was whether we were going to reach out in love and welcome others despite their appearance and not having a ticket.

Well! Praise be to God I passed the test! I think the conference leader was a little upset though, I think deep down she was hoping that the test would not be passed,
because she was wanting to bring a message as to hammer the people about not loving and accepting others, so it totally caught her off guard and I messed her message all up.

Maybe it was supposed to be a message for herself?

God is so good!


Tracy said...

GREAT JOB! You did pass the test! I wonder how often I fail that in my own life? I had the opportunity to go to the LA Dream Center a few years ago and was amazed at how God showed me how to see the many brilliant jewels that are beneath the dirt and grime of the surface. I'll never forget that. Blessings, my friend!

Greg said...

That's a great lesson for all of us. Jesus said that if we serve those who are the least in this world, that we're serving Him.

Nitewrit said...


I loved it. It'd been funny if a real homeless person had shown up first. Wonder what the director would have though to find two sitting there?

Your Blog subtitle should be on every church door, you know that, a place "where you find...etc.


Tamela's Place said...


yes, those are experiences that we will never forget. I have had the pleasur of speaking to a few homeless people and i think they have taught me more about the Lord than i could ever teach them.

Tamela's Place said...


Amen to that! And then He will say, "Enter In" Those are the Words i long to hear!

Tamela's Place said...


That would of been funny. It's to bad a whole bunch of them didn't show up. LOL!

When I made that Blog title, i thought to myself, "Man this is one long title" But then i thought, "It's what so many needs, so it will do"

It would be a nice welcoming message on church doors, wouldn't it? Thanks Larry

Lori said...

That was really cool! Didn't Jesus say that whoever gives a cold cup of water to the least...they do it to Him. What a great lesson for us . We have to try to see everyone through God's eyes. He sees through all of our unloveliness, and so should we.
Bravo to you Tamela :)

Robin said...

Praise God girl! We are the Body of Christ, and I am sure that is what He wanted you to do. I think its even better that you messed up the speakers stuff b/c, this is life, full of unpredicatable moments where we as christians have to be able and ready to jump in and work for God. So proud of you.

Tamela's Place said...


Amen! And He loved us and gave His life for us while we were yet in our sins.. May we become more like Him each and every day..

Tamela's Place said...


I know what you mean. Even though i was told not to let anyone in w/o a ticket. I had to obey God rather than man, for that one.

Blessings to you Robin and thanks for your encouraging words.

Gigi said...

HA Tamela! Good for 'em like Jesus! Just goes to show that conference leader that she should not test the Lord (working through you)!

Farrah said...

Oh dear...I don't know if I would have brought her in. But it's not due to lack of love!! I am one of those people who adheres strictly to the rules. But I also listen to my who knows? I had better obey God rather than men. If I knew He told me to, then I would break 'em.

satire and theology said...

We were told specifically that we were to receive the tickets at the door and that they could not come into the church without one, I thought to myself, "how rude!"

That is an interesting ploy.

Tamela's Place said...


You are right. I am just sooo thankful that I passed the test!

Tamela's Place said...
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Tamela's Place said...


I have found that when the Holy Spirit is involved ploys don't work! Thanks for your comments Russ!

Tamela's Place said...


I am usually a follower of rules also, until i believe they cross over God's and then i have a tendency to get a little fiery. Like I said i am still seeking Godly wisdom in that dept. LOL!

jeleasure said...

Good for you, T.
I am also a renegade. I get into a lot of trouble as well. I've learned a lot about what I say and how I say it or do what ever. That has helped me to get better results.
Good post. What a great opportunity it was for you. The Lord is pleased with you.

Tamela's Place said...


I had my suspicians that you were a fellow renegade LOL! But you know what? Jesus was a renegade also but He had the wisdom to back it up! But through it all God is lovingly and patiently teaching me. He is allowing me to learn from my mistakes which are hard lessons to learn sometimes, but all in all I am thankful for these lessons. But i do believe that He was indeed proud of me that day WHEW!!! Thanks Jim

Nitewrit said...


This has made me curious, though. What did the speaker say in the presentation that was tied to the planting of a fake homeless person? What was this to illustrate?


Tamela's Place said...

Hello Tikno,

I want to thank you for your comment, but for some reason when i clicked publish it, it deleted instead. But i wanted to say thankyou anyways...

Blessings to you!

Power Up Love said...

You go girl! Great job! Let your light shine!

Mat 25:40_"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"

Power Up Love!!!

Be very blessed...

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Larry,

Actually she didn't say much about it, this is why I said that it seemed to mess her up. The only thing she had to say about it when she got up to speak was that the church body needed to always make sure that they loved and welcomed others into the church no matter what they look like, and she didn't go on to say that the lady/plant was indeed accepted and welcomed into our church.

In fact when the lady (plant) was standing there beside me the speaker approached me and asked if i got her ticket, she then asked the lady if i made her feel welcomed? And she said yes that i did and the lady even told the conference speaker that i stroked her back which meant a lot to her.

But the conference leader just chose to overlook the kindness and love that was shown. To be honest i really don't know what she was trying to accomplish and or prove.

It didn't work whatever she was trying to do.

Tamela's Place said...

Power up love,

May we never hide our lights but put them out on a candlestick for all to see :) For the glory of God!

Thank you for your comment!

God bless you!

Nitewrit said...


Wow, that's interesting. I was involved with a lot of presentations in my former job and also with some churches and sometimes to illustrate points we would set something up to see what people did. But no matter how it worked out, we always explained what we did, what the results were - expected or not - and why we did it.

Thanks for the follow up.


capturedbygod said...

I love your story! Bless you, Jenny.

Vicki said...

Good Morning, Tamela,
I am not surprised that you passed the love test. You are very special. Jim and I wish you lived here in Virginia so we could be close to you and to your husband. Wish him a happy birthday for us.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Wow! I certainly hope I would pass that test! So glad you posted this!

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Lauralee,

it's nice meeting you, thank you for visiting Tamela's place and for your comment.

God bless you!

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Vicki,

I wished we lived in Virginia also. I will make sure to tell My husband that you said Happy Birthday! Thankyou for your encouragement! God bless you and Jim.

Tamela's Place said...

hello Jenny,

Thanks for yuour commenting, i am glad you loved the story..

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