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Why Jesus?

I was eight years old when I was born again. I was at church camp and the teacher was talking to us about Jesus, and the suffering of the cross that He endured just for us. As a child I can remember intently listening to the message and taking it all in. As she explained the sufferings of Jesus and all that He had to go through my heart was breaking, I almost couldn't bear to hear it, (even to this very day it is very hard for me to think about Jesus and the torture that He had to endure) tears were streaming down my face, but when she got to the part of the joy and victory of His resurrection and how Jesus defeated the devil, my tears were now tears of joy instead of sorrow.

When it was time to come to the altar and pray, I got right up and knelt down at the altar and my prayer as an 8 year old child went something like this:

Jesus, I am so sorry that you had to go through all that suffering and pain because of sin. And you did that just for me and the whole world. Thank you Jesus for doing that for me, because now I can be with you some day. I continued to cry and tell Jesus how sorry I was because of His pain but I also was crying and telling Jesus how thankful I was that He did that for me so that I could be with Him one day. That was pretty much my whole prayer pouring forth from a child's heart.

It was later on in life that I began writing poetry. I would like to share my very first poem that I wrote. It is a poem based upon my salvation experience as a child.
Why Jesus, why did you die for me?
Why Jesus, why did you give me life eternally?
Why did you do this for me?
You hung on that awful cross and you suffered and died
But as you hung on that cross you beckoned me to your side
Why Jesus?
My sin was your agony
My sin was your pain
My sin was your humility
It is my sin
It is me to blame!
Why Jesus?
That kind of love is hard to comprehend
I was hurting you, yet you freed me from my sin
Why Jesus?
Through your blood-stained tears it is me that you see
I was hurting you, yet you were loving me
Why Jesus?
It is love, it is amazing love!
Tamela Greenwell


Lori said…
Amazing Love! Beautiful poem Tamela. So you were saved at eight years old? Wow! What a blessing to have Jesus by your side throughout almost your whole life! What a blessing indeed! It only took this hard head 33 years! But I'm here now...and that means everything!

Post more of your poems. I'd love to read them! God bless!
valerie lynn said…
Beautiful poem Tamela. Jesus loved us so much to suffer on the cross and die a horrible and agonizing death for us all because He loved us so much. All He asks of us is to love Him in return. How simple is His request for us! Just simply love Him that is all He wants from us. Blessings!
Beautiful poem, Tamela! I love it.
thekingpin68 said…
Hi Tamela,

A cute story.

I was listening to Albert Mohler on-line yesterday and he stated that he receives the most negative response from the public when he claims the exclusivity of Christ.

John 14: 6.

This is no surprise to me.


PRAISE GOD !!! This is a Beautiful poem!!!!
Sis, this is a question every true Child of God will and should ask and it is so beautiful you did so at a tender age.

Love you so much

Godbless You
Nitewrit said…

I think you were so blessed to know the Lord from such an early age. I was 34 when I did. Much of my poetry revolved this world and its pleasures and hurts. A lot of years looking in the wrong places.

By the way, you have a poet's name, Tamela Greenwell.

Larry E.
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Lori,

It's never to late to come to Jesus, is it? I am so thankful that He is so patient and longsuffering with us.

I am considering posting some more of my poems, I am glad you enjoyed this one.

Love and blessings to you!
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Valerie,

Yes, Jesus doesn't ask much but to simply love Him. I know there are some that don't love Him and this amazes me. How can anyone not love JESUS?

Blessing to you sister.
Tamela's Place said…
Woman on a mission,

Thank you and God bless!
Tamela's Place said…
Thanks Russ, that doesn't surprise me either. I will check out mohler.

God bless!
Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Hanna,

I am thankful that my parents had me in church from the day i was born. To hear the Word of God taught at such an early age was truly a blessing.

Love you sis!
Tamela's Place said…
Hey Larry,

Thankyou, i didn't realize that my name sounded like a poet's name :)

it is obvious now with your writings Larry that you are definitely in the right place. God has restored the years.

Blessings to you!
Gigi said…
Ahhh...we are to come as little children!

Like you, I am moved to tears when I imagine the suffering our precious Lord endured as He took our sin upon His innocent head. And as a mother, my heart breaks when I imagine His mother watching...

What a great love...what an awesome God!
Farrah said…
"Amazing love, how can it be?
You, my King, should die for me."

~From a "Third Day" song
nutuba said…
Tamela, thank you for sharing that beautiful poem! What a special teacher you had at camp, to lead an 8 year old to Christ! You may not remember the teacher's name, but think of the impact that your salvation has had on others.

Sunday School teachers, pay attention! It's never too early to teach the need for Christ's salvation.

I look forward to reading more of your poetry!

Tamela's Place said…
Hello Gigi

After we gave birth to our first child (Justin) that is when i started drawing closer to my Father in Heaven. I would think about God giving up His only Son to suffering sins punishment just for us so that we could have a place in Heaven with Him and Jesus. I would look at my precious baby boy and think to myself that there is no-way that i could ever give my son to suffer and die for someone else, It was at that point that i really started to understand a teeeeny bit of the Love of God! As i stated in the poem It is a love that is hard for me to comprehend. But i am soooo thankful for God's amazing love.

Love you gigi... :)
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Farrah,

I love that song, it is a favorite of mine! God bless you :)
Tamela's Place said…
Hello nutuba

Thank you for your kind words. I think her name was Miss Dottie, i can't be for sure though.

I truly believe if more would begin Teaching once again Salvation/ the love of God shown in all it's power because of Jesus finished work on the cross, we might see a true revival of salvation sweep over the land once again.

God bless you :)
Robin said…
That is beautiful!
Farrah said…
Oops! Newsboys! *giggle!*
Greg said…
Hi, Tamela. One of the reasons He went through all that is to be an example to us. It was that very suffering that saved your soul, and the souls of so many others who heard the story. :) He truly is wonderful!
jeleasure said…
I posted a comment. However, when I attempted to publish it, it did not appear that it was going to reach you. So, I will submit another comment. Forgive me if you get a reapeat.

I was saying in my first attempt to comment that I was impressed with your ability to understand the Gospel at the age of eight. You must have had a very good teacher.

I also said that I found a job with a good company.

And, I have not been able to find time to do any significant blogging this past week. I did however, post a new blog item this evening. It is the one I said I would follow up to my last blog item with. Visit me here at Journaling For Growth .
Thanks, and blessings to you and your family.
Vicki said…
Tamela, dear,
I read the comments before posting one myself, and recognized many new friends. We have become a community of believers across the miles, neighbors.
I also became a true believer as a child due to Christian parents and grandparents. What a blessing!
Your poem is a lovely gift. I will look forward to reading more.
Tamela's Place said…
Hey Jim,

I didn't get your first comment??
I am glad to hear that you got a good job with a good company :)

I was raised in a Baptist church they are known for evangelism. I thank the Lord for being brought up in church :)
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Vicki,

Yes, it looks as though our neighborhood is growing Praise the Lord!

May we continue to be a blessing and encouragement to one another as the body of Christ should do :)

Love you sis!
capturedbygod said…
What a sweet story! It is neat you were saved so young. I wasn't saved till I was 18. Bless you! Jenny
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Jenny,

To be saved at 18 is pretty spectacular. Most of the time when you hear the stories of people being born-again it is usaully when they are really young or in their 30's and upwards. Praise the Lord!
jeleasure said…
Happy Thanksgiving!
Farrah said…
Happy Thanksgiving!

I actually don't have very many Thanksgiving recipes, because we have always have dinner at my parents. I am a little anxious about the day when I will have to make turkey for the first time. Lol! :-) My mom likes to make all the main dishes. She even makes three different kinds of pie from scratch, dough and all! Not sure I will ever be able to fill those shoes!!
tikno said…
Dear Tamela,

I'm glad this blog bring inspiration to everyone. I just thinking: "Why Jesus?... why not The One (oneness)?"

If you have time, I like to know your opinion to my mind at

Anonymous said…
Dear Tamela,
It is great that you were saved at such an early age. I was 29 yrs. old. Recently I took my grandchildren to church with me and my 6 yr. old grand-daughter prayed for 45 minutes to Jesus until she had received the Holy Ghost & spoke in other tongues. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A six yr. old thanking God for the blood he shed on the cross for her. She talked to him as he was her best friend & had only been going to church for 3 weeks. Two weeks later she was baptized in Jesus name on her birthday. She sings praises to him all day long, cheers for him & always reminds when I go to sleep at night to say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, just let me dream about you. She says it always works for her.
God Bless You & all those old & young alike who come to Jesus as a little child. That's what he expects us to do.
Love & Prayers
Tamela's Place said…
hello anon,

That is soo wonderful to hear about your granddaughter for such is the kingdom of Heaven. To come as a child it really doesn't matter how old a person is because when they come to the Lord their heart at that moment is as a childs.. Faith of a child how awesome i praise the Lord with you for your grandaughter. She will always have a tender heart and a heart after God i just know it!
Train a child up in the way that they should go and when they are older they will not depart.

God bless you and your whole family :)

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