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Eternity is Calling You

If we truly want to have a hope and be encouraged we must look beyond this world and place our hopes in something greater than the things this world has to offer. The things of this world are only temporary. The life we live here is but a vapor, it's here then it's gone! (We) as a human race have a Creator and He has placed within each one of us a desire to hunger for something that is solid, something that can be depended upon, something permanent. The sad thing is, that in all of our searching we are going to find that trying to hang onto the things of this world will only bring us temporary gratification and fleeting fulfillment. When we look around it is obvious to see that there are so many people that are longing for happiness, peace and contentment. They are running from one temporary high to another. They might feel good for the moment, but then the emptiness hits them like a ton of bricks and once again they run to try and find fulfillment for themselves elsewhere, …

Know who you are

Here's a little story I'd like to share with you.
There was once a farmer, who one day was out hunting in the mountains near his home. He came across a lost eaglet. He tried to find the eaglet's nest but to no avail. So the farmer took the eaglet and put him in his knapsack and headed for home. The farmer had never had anything to do with eagles before, so he figured he would put the bird in the barnyard with the chickens. The eaglet grew into a majestic bird of a golden brown color. All day long the eagle would walk around the barnyard scratching and pecking at the ground, eating what ever he could find. He would strut and act just like a chicken. He even tried to cluck, not very well mind you, but he tried just the same, never knowing that he was supposed to be the mightiest bird on earth. This went on for years. The eagle came to full maturity, with his beautiful plumage and golden beak. Still he in all points was a chicken. One day the eagle heard shrieks. He looked ar…

God's Little Lamb

God brought forth His Little Lamb
conceived of the Holy Ghost
From Heaven He did come
Being the Lord of Host
Leaving His Heavenly Throne
Departing from His Father's Hand
He came to this earth in the form of a man
Riches He did leave, Glory He did forsake, Becoming as a man that's
what it had to take. God's Little lamb was unblemished and without spot
Perfect in all His ways, Love is what He taught. Though hate and
rejection was given in return, man could not stop the Truth to be learned
God's Little Lamb spoke words so precious and so true, "Father forgive
them for they know not what they do." Forgiveness of sin was the message to
hear, God's Little Lamb must die so that we could draw near.
Giving us His mercy
His Love and His Grace
God's Little Lamb was slain
to take our place
Undeserving and unworthy
of such great Love
Yet uncondemning was our Savior
Sent from above
Thank you God for giving us
Your Son
Your precious Little Lamb
Is how it all begun

The Great Adventure!

One of my favorite songs by Steven Curtis Chapman is "Saddle up your horses" on his album titled: "The Great Adventure." Ever since I was a little girl I have loved horses. Maybe it is because when I was little I can remember going and visiting my Grandmother in Ohio and I would watch my Dad ride on this big beautiful horse that my Grandmother's neighbors owned. He would get on the horse bareback and would run him as fast as the wind. I could sense the power of the horse as I watched my Dad ride her. I also could sense the excitement of my Dad as he anticipated the fast ride as if it was a ride of freedom! I use to love to go fast but the older I get I find cruising is more my speed. I now have a tendency to be more cautious and have slowed down a bit. But when I was a little girl my Dad would take me for rides on his motorcycle and that was a thrill of a lifetime for me. Feeling the wind blow through my hair was fullness of joy. Of course he had to go fast be…