Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Been thinking about some things

I have been thinking about some things, so I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts. Maybe you might have some insight or revelation that you can share with me.

I've been thinking about Jesus and when He was in the garden praying and He asked the disciples to keep watch with Him but they all fell asleep instead. Each time when Jesus returned from praying He would find the disciples sleeping soundly. He asked them, "could you not watch with me for one hour?" Jesus was going through a very stressful time so much that while He was praying He was sweating great drops of blood. There is medical/scientific name for this condition which can indeed happen when someone is under a great amount of stress. I can't think of the medical term for this right now, I will search it out, but if you know what it is please let me know. Here is the one time that Jesus really needed some support and only for one hour, but they all fell asleep on Him. Evidently the disciples didn't seem to take this as more important than getting their sleep. If you have a servant's heart then you might be able to relate a little to the heart of Jesus and His desire for them to keep watch with Him. Jesus said that whoever is chief among you will be servant of all. True servants are leaders, they will support, lead, guide, protect, comfort, encourage, stand alongside and help carry the burdens of others, they will sacrifice their own comforts for the comfort of another. Others may perceive a true servant as a strong independent leader who doesn't need the support/comfort or encouragement from others, but this is far from the truth! If anyone needs to be comforted at times it is those who have a servant's heart. Why does it seem that when a servant is in time of need and or in distress everyone that he has served has now gone to sleep on him? They might think to themselves, "he will be alright, after all he is strong and will be fine." Even though the servant has specified his need for some comfort and support they will ignore him and continue to do what they desire for themselves. Jesus in all of His love and grace didn't hold this against the disciples but only questioned their lack of concern for Him. This made me sad as I thought about Christ's love for the disciples but their lack of concern for Him. That is one thing that I have been thinking about. What are your thoughts on this?

Here is something else that I have been thinking about. "Being still" in other words having a peace of mind and not fretting about things and placing our trust in God for our lives. After all the praying, asking and wondering why, doesn't there come a time when we just need to be still before the Lord and know without doubt that He has heard our prayers and knows our condition and now the time has come to trust Him with our lives? What are your thoughts?

More thoughts: Have you ever wondered what the future holds for your own personal life here in this world? Have you often wondered if things are going to get better or if things are going to get worse? And if things are only to get worse then why must the misery here be prolonged, what good does it do? Maybe it keeps our hope and desire alive to long for a better home? Even if things were grandiose here I truly believe that I would still be a witness of a better home and a far better place to come. Whether things are bad or whether things are good I still know and realize that there is a far better place that I will one day call home and I will continue to tell others of this place as well. So why am I still here? This brings me to my next question of thought. Is perhaps the only reason we are still here is because we are a benefit to others in being a witness of Christ Jesus? So if I stop making myself available to others as to be a witness or helper of some sort would I then be taken out of this world?  What are your thoughts?

Some more thoughts. I don't understand why many people/Christians will say that it takes suffering for them to draw close to the Lord. What this says to me is that they are only drawing close to the Lord when they are in need of something. Isn't this selfish of them, because when things are going well they say that they do not draw close to the Lord, but as soon as things take a turn for the worse  they begin to draw close to the Lord. How does this make the Lord feel? Shouldn't we be praising, thanking and drawing close to the Lord when things are going well? If my children didn't rejoice in my goodness toward them and thank me for my love and grace in the joys of life, this would make me feel very sad, because after all I enjoy seeing them rejoicing in my love and gifts of blessings. If they only came to me when things were bad this would make me feel used. I would desire them to come to me in the midst of their heartaches of course but not to forget me in the midst of their joys. What are your thoughts?

Well that's about it, there are some of the things that I have been thinking about, give me your thoughts.


valerie lynn said...

When reading about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane I believe Jesus knew that He would not be able to depend upon them to watch and to pray with Him. The only One He could depend on and trust in was the One He was indeed praying to GOD! We depend on man to much when the One we need to depend on is God. We will ask man questions hoping to get the right answer when the One we should always go to first is God. The disciples let Jesus down, but God did not. When we need our friends the most this is usually when they let us down. Who do we turn to? God. He will never, ever let us down.

Being still in times of trouble is something in which we ourselves make hard. When we go to God with all our troubles and cares and do not get a quick response from Him we become impatient and try to fix our problems ourselves. Being still before God means to wait for His timing in helping us with our problems. During this time we are to stay focused on God and His promises to us. God works on His timing not ours but we think He should work on our timing and not His. When you surrender your troubles to the Lord, this is when we must simply sit back and wait for God to move in our lives. It is during this time that God teaches and shows us a lot about ourselves which we did not know. God's timing is perfect. We are to be still and wait for Him to work. Ge is actually working within us during this time fixing all that is wrong within us.

Yes, I did use to wonder if things in my life and this world would get better or worse. Now, I simply live each and every day to the fullest. I enjoy my life and do not worry about my future. I know that God has my life in His hands and that His Grace is all that I need. No more worries. God has everything under control!

Many start out going to church and loving the Lord. The the things of this world entice them and lead them away from God. God will allow this to happen, but He will only allow it for so long. Then all of a sudden something bad happens within their lives and they want to run back to God. God will allow us to live the way we want to live for a period of time. We get that "I" mentality which means we leave God out of the equation. But, when things begin to go wrong, we blame God. It is not God's fault, it is ours. God allows us to hit rock bottom to let us know that we can not do anything without Him. This I know because I had the "I" mentality. I was the one doing it all when actually it was God who was doing it. We take our eyes off of God and we fall. Then we ask God to step in and lift us up. Suffering brings those who once loved God back to Him.

Okay my friend, I hope I helped a little and I hope you understood what I was trying to say.

By the way your daughter's wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a beautiful bride she made. I know you are one proud mama!


Nitewrit said...


There you go again, asking those easy questions.:)

Too much to answer in a comment. I was just recently thinking about jesus praying and finding his disciples asleep. I suggest a few parables in Matthew as related: The Ten Virgins in Matthew 25 and The Loaned Money to the Servants also just following in Matthew 25. We are warned to stay awake and watch and to be at our posts of spreading the Gospel I think because of what is said in 2 Peter 3: 8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Remember God is loving and merciful and wants all to be saved. But a day will come when the world gets so evil, he will pull the plug. When will that be? We don't know because everything is on God's time, not ours.

Larry E

Gigi said...

Oh Tamela...deep thoughts my friend!

Every time I read about Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane it makes me sad...He took the 3 closest to Him and asked that they just "wait" with Him. Exactly like you said - how hard could that be? ...sigh...so easy to judge and feel like giving each one of them a wake up kick! But, them I remember that all went according to plan...sad, yes - but all part of the plan. Oh - and the medical term for "sweating blood" is "hematidrosis."

I think "being still" before the Lord requires great faith and even greater patience. I do not believe it is something that comes easily - at least not to me (the patience part, anyway!). It is too easy to get distracted and the mind wanders. To truly sit and deliberately and consistently clear one's mind so that one is able to hear that small whisper...hard!! Life soooooo gets in the way! But I continue to work on it!

As far as wondering what my life holds...I used to think about that. November 9th changed all that for me when I lost my Sweet Hubby. Now, I exist moment to moment. The future doesn't hold near the attraction for me that it once did...The only future I anticipate with any joy is being called home to Jesus. And I guess for a Christian, that's a wonderful future to look forward to and really, the only one that matters.

As far as Christians needing to face trails before drawing near to the Lord - well, I'd guess we've all been guilty of that at some point in our lives...

Last year, as I did my daily Bible study, I came upon the Parable of the Sower. Now, I've heard and read that parable hundreds of times. But for some reason, last year it really stood out. I remember sitting and crying...wondering REALLY what kind of soil I was...How was I to know that in a few months I would face a test on that very Parable? I now know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, what kind of soil I am.

There can be no testimony without a test...

To God be all the glory!

Thanks for making me think too, Tamela! Have a blessed week!

capturedbygod said...

Yes, I think there does come a time after all the praying and begging and struggling, to just be still. I think I have come to that point. I need to stop complaining to others and fighting God and just accept His will! (What a thought! :o)

BTW, please visit my blog. I have an award for you! :)

girlforgod said...

Oh Tamela! You are speaking my heart in every point that you made!! I too very much have a huge servants heart and get your very well laid out points on the topic. Same with the trusting as well; I have come to a place of humility knowing that all I want is God's will in my life, whatever He chooses that to look like, knowing that he has my best in mind and will see me through it all. Beautiful post, beautiful points, all of them. I know your heart is making God smile down on your honesty and love for Him. May God shower you with His presence and draw you into continued and more deeper understanding and truth of His ways. Love your sister in Christ, Robin

jeleasure said...

Hi T.,
I did not do a lot of research on this, but I think this is the medical term for perpiring blood, "stress-induced hematidrosis".

I waited too long. I have also been wanting to write about what it means to be awake and keeping watch while Jesus prayed. I'll still write about it. It seems to be something I began to think about when I was in the Truth Project.


Tamela's Place said...

Hello Valerie,

Thanks for commenting, I enjoy reading everyone else's insights on these questions. You are right our ultimate dependence should be upon God and not man because God is always there for us. But i do think that God speaks in the ears of others at times to be a comfort or a support to a brother or sister and they just ignore His voice because they think to themselves that they will be alright and i got more important things to attend to! Which is sad!

Being still is something I had to learn. i would try to jump in and fix things because i felt that that was what i was supposed to do. But God made it very clear to me one day, that He is the fixer and i am not!

BTW Thankyou for the comments about our daughter, we are very proud of her and we thank the Lord for bringing a beautiful man both inside and out into her life.


Tamela's Place said...

Hello Larry,

Maybe that was the test when Jesus asked them to watch with him. A test to check their alertness in watching, because afterall he was going to return, and it was going to be in just one hour. But they couldn't even watch for one hour I believe if that was truly a test in watching they got a big fat F on that one. May we always be alert and watching because we just never know???

Tamela :)

Tamela's Place said...

hello gigi,

Thank you for the medical term i should known you being a nurse and all would know that one.

Even though i have not experienced the heartache such as yours gigi, i still long to be with Jesus and out of this world but since i am still here i have got to believe that it is for a purpose and that God still has plans for me, but knowing that doesn't make the wait any easier though.

Thank you for your insight and words of wisdom


Tamela's Place said...

Hello Jenny,

Thank you for the award i will try and get to your blog tonight.

Don't beat yourself up we have all been there when it comes to the lesson of being still.


Tamela's Place said...

Hello Robin,

Thank you for commenting and for your kind words. I only ask these questions because i myself have been there as well, it has been good hearing the insight and the encouragement from others. Thank you again Robin and God bless you!


Tamela's Place said...

hello Jim,

Thanks for the medical term. Maybe you can write about the watching on your blog soon it would be good to read what you have to say about it.


Lori said...

Hi Tamela, very thought provoking indeed. This question of yours stood out the most to me..."And if things are only to get worse then why must the misery here be prolonged, what good does it do?"

Oh, I pondered this many times. But I kept coming back to this, and we discuss this in our chronic illness support group: In Philippians 1: 21-25 Paul says,

"For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But if I live, I can do more fruitful work for Christ. So I really don't know which is better. I'm torn between two desires: I long to go and be with Christ, which would be far better for me. But for your sakes, it is better that I continue to live. Knowing this I am convinced that I will remain alive so I can continue to help all of you grow and experience the joy of your faith."

Relationships. Witnessing by our lives - that's what it all boils down to.

Good post. Blessings!

Jody said...

Our family has used catechisms very briefly as our children were growing up. First question: What is the chief end of man: To enjoy God and glorify Him forever. Yes we are here to witness to that glory and tell others about our great Savior. This season I've found myself meditating more on what Jesus did before and as he went to the cross. As he was in the garden the distress he was feeling was not so much the physical pain he was going to bear, he knew he could endure that. What brought him the greatest distress, thus the great sweat drops of blood was the "cup" he was about to drink, praying it could pass from him, but saying three times not my will but your will be done. He ALL of sin put on him and this would separate him from the love of his life that of his heavenly father, that was what he could not bear, but did. What a Savior.

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Lori,

We remain here for others, i guess i am somewhat of a selfish person because a part of me just doesn't want to remain here just for the sake of others. But i want God's will do be done in my life and not my own, so until He takes me home i guess i am just stuck here! Lord have mercy on my selfish soul!


Tamela's Place said...

hello Jody,

Yes i agree it was His separation from God that was almost to much for Him to bear, but He truly did and it was all for us.. I love my Jesus.

Thanks for commenting Jody and sharing your insight!

Tamela :)

jeleasure said...

Hi T.
I finally read in entirety what you have written here.

Vicki has the same view on the sleeping disciples as you have.

This is possible. I feel I just need to understand some things from deeper theological thoughts.

Tamela's Place said...

Hi Jim,

Maybe that is just the difference between a woman's perspective and a mans. I try not to forget that Jesus was just as much human as He was God. He became as one of us, thus He knows our sorrows and He can relate to us mere human beings. So how we feel at times must of been some of the same feelings that Jesus had. The more we are acquainted with His sorrows the more we become like Him and the more thankful we are to Him and our love grows deeper for Him as well. I recall the story of the lepers, 10 were healed but only one returned to thank Jesus and Jesus said to the one, was there not 10 of you, where is the other 9? I think it must of been hurtful to the Lord when only one came back to thank Him. He loves us sooo very much and when we reciprocate His Love it brings Him great Joy!

T :)

Warren Baldwin said...

You are right, it shouldn't take suffering to draw us back to the Lord. But ... that seems to be the history of God's people. And think about our own kids. As they were growing up they would venture out on their own. But when they were hurt or sick, where did they always come back to? "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Jesus welcomes us back when we return to him in our suffering, he even calls us!

Good thoughts and good discussions here. You are a good writer!

Tamela's Place said...

Thank you Warren for your kind words. I am very thankful that the Lord calls to us in our suffering which the majority of the time we do bring it upon ourselves. He is so merciful and gracious. I truly do love Him for this and thank Him with all of my heart!

Tamela :)

Farrah said...

Lots of good thoughts! I could give all sorts of comments! But then I would write a book! Lol!

Just a few: I think in the KJV version the part about sweating blood is worded in a way that I always thought he didn't actually sweat blood, but rather his sweat was so profuse it was LIKE drops of blood rolling down.

I believe that this world will endure until every single soul that can be saved is saved. At the moment when the very last person gets saved, I think this world will end. Our loving God is not willing that any should perish.

On suffering: A topic very near to me, as I am one who was brought much closer to Jesus through suffering. I think God does whatever He can to help people reach heaven. If this means suffering, death of a loved one, poverty, and any number of other sorrows, it is well worth it. I needed something to get my attention, something that would force me to get serious. I begged God for help with this. I knew there was a deeper spiritual experience that I was missing and had no idea how to reach it. I was unable to reach it by prayer, reading the Bible, etc. I longed for a fire inside, a passion. I prayed desperately for Him to do whatever it takes, and not long after I became ill. How grateful I am that my Lord was willing to answer my prayer. :-)

Tamela's Place said...

Thank you Farrah for your comment you brought up some very good points :)

Warren Baldwin said...

You are welcome, and thank you for visiting Family Fountain and for following Bible Fountain.

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