Monday, June 22, 2009

The law of faith -v- The law of works

"But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out]." (Hebrews 11:6, AMP)

Not only do I believe God exists but "I believe Him" I believe His Word, His promises, I believe that there is nothing impossible for God. I would dare not to ever limit Him. He can make a way when there seems to be no way. He can turn any situation around and do great and mighty things. And when it seems impossible at every turn God can still make a way. He is a great and awesome God! And when He says He is a rewarder I believe Him.

Faith is what pleases Him and earnestly and diligently seeking Him brings rewards from Him. He is indeed a rewarder! But sometimes we can get so caught up into thinking about all the things we must do to get God's blessings/rewards that we forget that His blessings come from our believing in Him and believing Him. Most everyone believes in Him but what I am saying is Believe Him with all your heart, there is a huge difference between the two. Why not rest a little from all your worries, fretting and constant questioning of yourself and circumstances: "Am I doing something wrong, did I do that right? I must do my morning devotional, I must say this prayer this way. Did I walk the straight path today? Is God pleased with me? Did I obey everything in the scripture's today? This is not faith in God but faith in yourself, so stop... and place your faith in God. This is not walking by faith but by works.

As long as we live in this flesh we will never be perfect within and of ourselves. Yes.. I hear you saying but faith without works is dead. Here's a question to think about, "Are you working as to establish your faith, or are you living by faith which will in turn establish good works? Are you loving and doing well because your heart is full of faith and belief in God and believing God? There is a law of works and there is a law of faith. The law of faith will establish the law of works but the law of works will never establish the law of faith (Rom. 3:27,31).

God's grace is unmerited favor so you can't earn it. He just gives it because of His love for you. Take a good hard look at your heart and do some examining of it and ask yourself, do I believe and obey out of obligation in hopes of God's blessings and rewards or do I believe and obey out of a heart that is full of love and belief in Jesus my Lord and Savior? Do you have a heart to do right because it might get you some brownie points or do you do well because you just Love Jesus and you want Him to shine through you? May we examine ourselves and ask "Am I living by faith which will establish good works or am I living by works in hopes of establishing my faith?"

What it basically comes down to is to know that you are truly loved so very much by your Father God, and that there is nothing you can do to earn His love. Even if you don't believe in Jesus (God's only begotten Son), and you don't believe that He sent His Son to die for the sins of the world, He still loves you and desires to be with you, but it is only by Faith in His Son Christ Jesus that that can be possible. Faith is what pleases Him and that is all.. If you truly have faith in Him (believing in Him and believing Him) then all else will follow.

(Eph. 2:8-9) For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works lest any man should boast.

God Loves you and He desires to be with you now and for all eternity, so rest and surrender in faith in Him and He will take care of the rest for you "For we are God's [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus unto good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [ living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live]. ( Eph. 2: 10 AMP)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have you ever been snared?

Have you ever found yourself suddenly snared in life, and your thinking "how did this happen?" You were walking along minding your own business, praising and glorifying God, then bam out of no where you have been snared. How could this happen? Why did this happen? How am I going to get out of this situation? Fight or flight mode kicks in but you flee because you have been caged in, so you choose fight. Thinking... this contraption is a net, I have my pocket knife handy so I will cut my way out of this thing.. SOOo you begin cutting away at the fibers of your cage not even taking into consideration the fact that you are 20 feet in the air and when you cut yourself free the only option is falling to the hard ground below. The only thing your thinking about right now is, "I want to be FREE"! "I am going to be free... Yeah! freedom.... Freedom!!! Yes! I am finally free! Now you are screaming cause the reality of the situation is that you are rapidly falling 20ft. thinking.... UH OH! this is going to hurt! Your free alright, but now your broken and in a lot of pain, and to recover from your injuries it is going to take 1 year of therapy and hopefully no longer.

Therapy is good, this is the time you begin thinking about some things, and what you could of done differently. (Thinking now...) Maybe if I wouldn't of panic and stayed calm I could of escaped that snare without injury? Maybe I should of prayed? Maybe I should of trusted God to send someone to set me free? Maybe I should of asked God how to escape from this thing? Maybe God Himself would of delivered me? Doesn't His Word say that  (talking and answering self now). How come I didn't trust God to rescue me?......How stupid could I be? I was praising and glorifying God while strolling along in life, so how come when I found myself snared I turned off the praise and prayer and took matters into my own hands? Why do I feel as though it's always up to me to fix things? Why do I say to myself if it's going to be it's up to me? Why do I find myself always trying to control things? Why do I trust myself before trusting God? This attitude of mine has always been no good. All it has ever done and all it will continue to do is bring me a lot of pain and heartache. If I would only learn this time and never do this again? Yes! that is it, I believe that I have finally learned this time and next time if there is a next time hopefully there won't be, but.... if there is

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