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Have you ever been snared?

Have you ever found yourself suddenly snared in life, and your thinking "how did this happen?" You were walking along minding your own business, praising and glorifying God, then bam out of no where you have been snared. How could this happen? Why did this happen? How am I going to get out of this situation? Fight or flight mode kicks in but you flee because you have been caged in, so you choose fight. Thinking... this contraption is a net, I have my pocket knife handy so I will cut my way out of this thing.. SOOo you begin cutting away at the fibers of your cage not even taking into consideration the fact that you are 20 feet in the air and when you cut yourself free the only option is falling to the hard ground below. The only thing your thinking about right now is, "I want to be FREE"! "I am going to be free... Yeah! freedom.... Freedom!!! Yes! I am finally free! Now you are screaming cause the reality of the situation is that you are rapidly falling 20ft. thinking.... UH OH! this is going to hurt! Your free alright, but now your broken and in a lot of pain, and to recover from your injuries it is going to take 1 year of therapy and hopefully no longer.

Therapy is good, this is the time you begin thinking about some things, and what you could of done differently. (Thinking now...) Maybe if I wouldn't of panic and stayed calm I could of escaped that snare without injury? Maybe I should of prayed? Maybe I should of trusted God to send someone to set me free? Maybe I should of asked God how to escape from this thing? Maybe God Himself would of delivered me? Doesn't His Word say that  (talking and answering self now). How come I didn't trust God to rescue me?......How stupid could I be? I was praising and glorifying God while strolling along in life, so how come when I found myself snared I turned off the praise and prayer and took matters into my own hands? Why do I feel as though it's always up to me to fix things? Why do I say to myself if it's going to be it's up to me? Why do I find myself always trying to control things? Why do I trust myself before trusting God? This attitude of mine has always been no good. All it has ever done and all it will continue to do is bring me a lot of pain and heartache. If I would only learn this time and never do this again? Yes! that is it, I believe that I have finally learned this time and next time if there is a next time hopefully there won't be, but.... if there is


Warren Baldwin said…
Hi Tamela,
Yes, there will be a next time! There will always be a next time. That's good news, sort of, in a way. What's the thing we learn from all these entrapments? Just what you said at the end of your post - trust God.

Haven't we taught our kids, "If you get in trouble, don't try to handle it yourself, call us." Kids don't always listen to that, and they turn a small problem into a major. Why? They didn't trust us. They didn't think that we would understand, or would love them anyway, or would help them. Plus, they want to save face. So they are going to fix their problem (and it often has to do with something they've done with their friends). Almost always fixing their own problems gets them into bigger trouble.

Is it any difference with us? Our challenge is, even when we turn our problems over to God he doesn't answer right away. Sometimes he leaves us hanging on for a long time, testing, trying or increasing our patience. But if we keep trusting and waiting for his call, it is always better than fixing things ourselves.

Good post!
conarnold said…
This is so true, why do we do that? Thanks for this reminder to trust God in all things!
'Therapy is good,'


'...this is the time you begin thinking about some things, and what you could of done differently. (Thinking now...) Maybe if i wouldn't of panic and stayed calm i could of escaped that snare without injury? Maybe i should of prayed?'

Trusting in God in obedience is always the better move as he works things toward the good for those that love hin in Christ (Romans 8: 28-30). Even when God wills tough things for the sake of discipline and the growth of the gospel.

Happy Weekend, Tamela!

Nitewrit said…

This has certainly been one of my difficulties. I'm like Abraham. I'll pray to God to help me, then instead of waiting on Him, I decide I better help him out. I don't so much fall to the hard ground as find myself in another snare.

You'd think we'd learn our little pocket knife isn't necessary when God wields a big sword, but there we be, like Peter in Gethsenane, waving some toad-sticker at an army.

I liked your lively description in this post.

Larry E.
capturedbygod said…
It is hard to learn to trust sometimes, isn't it! :) And He is so patient and loving with us anyway! Love, Jenny
Jody said…
Nice post Tamela. I steep my heart in the Word of God everyday. God never fails to get me out of the snare, but sometimes there are consequences if I don't obey what I've steeped my heart in.
IJ said…
Who hasn't!?, at the moment am going through some of the stuff written down here and I give God Praise for He has spoken to me through your post sis.

God bless and Love
Warren Baldwin said…
I posted a story about umpiring on my Family Fountain blog I'd like to invite you to look at. wb
Lori said…
Hi Tamela,

TRUST GOD! It sounds so basic and so fundamental, yet when God asks us to put our money where our mouth is...???

Through much adversity, I mean it took me a long time, and I am in no way there, but trusting in God is something you learn to do when you have absolutely
earthly solution. When you lose everything you hold dear, that's when you learn that God is everything.
thekingpin68 said…
Hi Tamela,

I take it you have been busy...imagine a world outside of blogging.;)

I hope to be snared more and more by God's will and blessings.

Revisions are coming along and I share some more on my latest...

Happy Weekend.
Farrah said…
Sorry for my long absence! I am taking a blog break, but I am still visiting my friends blogs occasionally. :-)

You know, funny thing about this post is that "trust" has been on my mind lots lately. I keep feeling like I fail to trust every time things don't go my way and just recently determined to do better in that area. :-)
Tamela's Place said…
You are right Warren God does leave us hanging sometimes longer than what we would like but if we keep trusting, waiting with patience the reward in the end is usually always worth the wait :)
Tamela's Place said…
thanks Con..

blessings to you :)
Tamela's Place said…
Thanks Russ have a great week :)
Tamela's Place said…
You make a good point Larry ! lol!

Thank you :)
Tamela's Place said…

I am happy and praise the Lord for that.. He will bring you through and out sister :)
Tamela's Place said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Lori,

I understand where you are coming from but maybe if we would realize that He is our evertything before we lose everything then we wouldn't lose everything... Does that make sense ?
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Farrah,

We all have been there and still go there sometime... We are a work in progress i guess it's a good thing He don't grow weary of us huh?
Brian said…
Tamela -

Very beautiful reflection.

Trust in Jesus !

God bless you...
Gigi said…
I will say that when faced with the greatest challenge in our lives, my Sweet Hubby and I turned first to the Father. We clung to Him, placed all our trust in Him. And, in the end, He did indeed deliver my Sweet Hubby from the snare. He is a merciful God.

Funny, it's in the small things that I think I find my greatest challenge. Maybe I feel I should be able to tackle the "small stuff" myself - not "bother" the Lord with it. But He wants it ALL. I need to work on the "all" part.

Great post, as always, Tamela!
Rachel said…
First time to site ; ) Trust is everything . . . and it is the hardest thing for us to do. But as you have said - if we continue to seek and abide in His Word daily - the trust will follow. Though we will always battle that old flesh - it will become weaker and we will become stronger.


Angelika said…
Some very powerful points, here! Thank you for the reminder.

Tamela's Place said…
Hello Brian,

Thanks for visiting... God bless you :)
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Gigi,

Thanks for your comment.. I guess in God's eyes all is small nothing to big for Him.. Yes! may we trust Him in ALL things :)
Tamela's Place said…
Thanks for visiting Rachel and Amen to your comment :)
Tamela's Place said…
Thanks for visiting Angelika... God bless you :)
Joyfulsister said…
Hi Tamela,
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Hugz Lorie
Andrew Clarke said…
Hi Tamela,
Yes, I have felt snared. I find myself in a situation which leaves me wondering what's going on, how did I get myself into this, why did it have to happen to me, etc. It might be because I have to learn by suffering sometimes. It might be because I need reminding not to get too comfortable with the world. I just said a prayer that God will lead you out of difficulty and you will be able to praise God. This is not condescension - it is JUST the sort of prayer I need said for me sometimes, so I hope I'm right in saying for others. "Do unto others", as the Word says. Life has its moments! Blessings.

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