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The Good Shepherd

His Sheep know His voice and He calls them by name. I have heard people say that if your not hearing the voice of the Lord calling your name then that must mean you are not His. I want you to be encouraged that the reason you might not be hearing Him right now might be because you have wandered a little to far and you are out of voice range. Be encouraged that God is with each of us every single day and every moment of the day. He lovingly leads and guides and shows us the paths we should take. We may veer off the path sometimes and find ourselves wandering in the darkness and feeling alone and afraid but do not be afraid my dear friend, for your good Shepherd is so very loving and merciful that when you call He will come and rescue you. And when He finds you, He will rejoice and lift you upon His shoulders and bring you back home.

May this New year be a year of staying close to Jesus. Keep Him in your sight don't get ahead of Him, but walk close by His side. He will always lead…

The Christmas Child

My Husband and I was doing a study yesterday on delighting yourself in the Lord (Ps. 37:4). In our search we found that the meaning of this can be summed up in four words: "Becoming as a child." The attitude of a child is delightsome and full of joy. He is prideless. He is delicate and fragile. He revels in joyful frolic and play. He's not ashamed to sport himself in pure joy.
Becoming as a child in our attitude toward God made me think of a child's pure delight on Christmas morning. He finds it hard to sleep Christmas Eve because he's to excited. He knows that in the morning he will behold the most beautiful sight in all the world. "Presents under the Christmas tree."
I remember when I was a child I would wake up real early on Christmas morning. It would still be dark outside. I would peek around my bedroom door and gaze upon the shaded images of presents around the Christmas tree. I would scan the living room the best I could with the help of the str…

"Self Saboteurs"

When I began this blog I wanted it to be a place where people could come and be encouraged and find hope and peace that is so desperately needed in this day and time. My desire, is that readers would leave this place inspired as well as equipped to reach out and take the hand of Jesus. To be lifted up out of the miry pit, to keep moving forward despite the storms of life. This is still my intention. I will continue this by the power of the Holy Spirit always striving to be uplifting in the words that I write in hopes that "if possible" lives can be changed. It has been a couple of years now since I began blogging and while on my journey, I am discovering that the Lord would have me to ask more questions. The explaining and expounding with encouraging words has it's place, but for a person to really learn there should be questions asked so as they can think on their own? So, coupled with uplifting words I am going to begin to ask more questions. I feel this is the directi…

Obeying God's Word-vs-Obeying man's word

Do we as Christians "truly" listen and obey our Heavenly Father and His Word, knowing that His Word is what is right and true, or do we have a tendency to lean more toward man's word and believe what he has to say?

Some are quick to obey man's word before God's Word. They believe man before they believe God. They seek man before they seek God. They ask man before they ask God. They trust man before they trust God. They will search a self-help book written by man before going to the ultimate self-help book written by the Holy Spirit. And some will continue in the man-mode of obeying and never "truly" look to God for the answers concerning his physical as well as his spiritual life. Why is this?