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The Christmas Child

My Husband and I was doing a study yesterday on delighting yourself in the Lord (Ps. 37:4). In our search we found that the meaning of this can be summed up in four words: "Becoming as a child." The attitude of a child is delightsome and full of joy. He is prideless. He is delicate and fragile. He revels in joyful frolic and play. He's not ashamed to sport himself in pure joy.

Becoming as a child in our attitude toward God made me think of a child's pure delight on Christmas morning. He finds it hard to sleep Christmas Eve because he's to excited. He knows that in the morning he will behold the most beautiful sight in all the world. "Presents under the Christmas tree."

I remember when I was a child I would wake up real early on Christmas morning. It would still be dark outside. I would peek around my bedroom door and gaze upon the shaded images of presents around the Christmas tree. I would scan the living room the best I could with the help of the street lights and the glistening white snow shining through the living room window. I wouldn't dare leave that doorway and go into that beautiful room, at least not yet it wasn't time. A part of me didn't mind relishing in the excitement and anticipation a little while longer. As I gazed upon that beautiful Christmas tree, all the gifts and the snow outside I can remember my heart being filled with so much joy. It was like little happy bubbles rising up inside of me and filling me to overflowing. It took every ounce of strength I could muster to keep from yelling at the top of my lungs in pure joyful bliss! But alas, I would slip back into my bed and snuggle in my warm covers. Closing my eyes I would say to myself, that in just a short while I'm going to get to open some of the best gifts that have ever been given to me. Then I would drift off into sweet joyous slumber. Life was soo beautiful and perfect at that moment in time.

Yesterday, I found myself asking this question: "What happened to that child?" Haven't I been given the best gift of all by my Father in heaven? God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life (Jn.3:16). Did my Father not say that He will continue to supply our every need and give us good gifts? Is it not our Heavenly Father's desire for us to receive from Him all that He has to give? He is a God that gives and gives and gives some more. Through the bad times and the good times God is faithful to give us His strength, His Joy, His Peace. He is faithful to supply every need according to His riches in Heaven. His plans for each of His children is good. Not to harm them but to give them a hope and a future. When we hear of God's great love toward us and the great gifts that He has given and still desires to give, do we rejoice as the little child and delight ourselves in Him? Do we take great joy in His presence as we worship and praise Him? Do we expectantly await and anticipate His return? Do we rejoice in the day that He has given us? Do we frolic in His love and care like a child would on Christmas morning? Do we happily receive the gifts He desires to bestow upon us? Or do we say to ourselves, I'm not worthy to receive? Do we truly sport ourselves in a pure child like joy in the Lord? Do we realize that as a child of God, His joy is our joy and our joy His?
This Christmas season and the days to come I'm going to truly delight myself in the Lord, and keep alive the child of Christmas morning. How about you?


Connie Arnold said…
Oh, yes, definitely! Thank you for your beautiful reminder to recapture the pure joy of a child in our relationship with our Heavenly Father, Tammy!
jeleasure said…
Hey T.
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Nitewrit said…

Certainly something that has been on my mind. I am going to try. If we could trun off this world and open our eyes each day to God, then I think each day would be like Christmas.

Jody said…
Making it my goal this Christmas season to look beyond the circumstances of life and focusing intently on Jesus. Finanacial woes, health concerns, family concerns will always be part of life, but focusing on Jesus and not on the problems is the best way to celebrate and become like a child, trusting that God will take care of everything, He knows anyway.
thekingpin68 said…
'I remember when I was a child, I would wake up real early on Christmas morning. It would still be dark outside. I would peek around my bedroom door and gaze upon the shaded images of presents around the Christmas tree. I would scan the living room the best I could with the help of the street lights and the glistening white snow shining through the living room window. I wouldn't dare leave that doorway and go into that beautiful room, at least not yet. It wasn't time. A part of me didn't mind relishing in the excitement and anticipation a little while longer. As I gazed upon that beautiful Christmas tree and all the gifts and the snow outside, I can remember my heart being filled with so much joy.'

Sadly, I opened some Christmas gift early one year...bad me.

'Yesterday, I found myself asking this question: "What happened to that child?"'

Not saying this is you, but for some children I think when he/she grows up and does not receive as many presents, Christmas is not as exciting.

But, yes the focus should be Christ.
jeleasure said…
Very nice.
I remember when I did not care to fall down or be tagged out or ride on a sled.
Wish I could get those days back.

Hey T. Will you do me a favor and use this link, Richmond Evangelical Examiner for linking to me. I would rather people link directly to my new blog on blogspot. That would make a big difference, because then, when they visit, they can leave a comment and I will know how to visit them.
Tamela's Place said…

Thank you for your comment. Yes and amen and may we never let it go.

God bless you :)
Tamela's Place said…

Very true. And even if a child did not have the same wonderful experiences that many children have had on Christmas morning, it's not to late. They can begin now, and become as a little child and capture the true spirit of Christmas from their Heavenly Father :)
Tamela's Place said…
Amen Jody!

Your statement: "He knows anyways" needs to get down deep within our souls. Cause when it does it causes a surrender to Him that brings total peace.
Tamela's Place said…
LOL! Russ.. It just wasn't the same that Christmas morning huh?
Tamela's Place said…

i understand what you mean. I think the key is to always live expectantly and with hope and know that God is for your good your joy and peace. And even though things might not always turn out to be what we expect at the time, don't stop expecting God's gifts coming your way. I seen this in an e-mail once and i believe it is soo very true and that is, God always answers prayer in 3 ways:

1) Yes
2) Not yet
3) I have something better for you
Freddae' said…
Come to God with the innocence of a child.
Lori Laws said…
Do we rejoice in the day that He has given us? That's something we all can really think long and hard about... I know this is an area I can always improve in.

I remember very wise words... If we can't understand why God has brought us to a certain place or "day" in our lives, all we need to do is remember WHAT WE DO KNOW about God. And that limited amount of knowledge will bring us through anything we don't understand. In other words, delight yourself in the Lord-love and be expectant like a small child!
Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Fredae for visiting and leaving a comment.. Yes i beleive it is just that simple Amen!
Warren Baldwin said…
Good question: "What happened to that child?" Still loved by God!

As children we were innocent and loved Christmas for the gifts, fun and family, all of it provided for us. As adults, we now provide that for others, esp our little ones. In a sense, we participate in God's role of providing enjoyment for others. So now we not only receive God's love, we help to dispense it.

Good post.

Tamela's Place said…
Yes Warren what a wonderful glorious truth. God's Love works full circle thru all of us. Receiving and giving, recieving from Him and giving to others. What a beautiful circle of love and it never stops :)
Michael Lantz said…
I remember when I was a child.I could not wait till Christmas day to play with my toys.My parents would let us play with my toys on Christmas Eve at 8:00 at night.That was long after I stopped believing in Santa Claus.LOL
tikno said…
Hello Tamela,
Merry Christmas to you & family, also to all reader here.

Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Michael for visiting tamela's place :)
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Tikno..

I hope you hada a Merry Christmas as well.. And may you have a very Happy New year :)
Greg said…
Hi, Tamela! I've finally re-added your blog to my roll! Welcome back!

Jesus said that we need to become as little children, and yet children are also selfish, self-centered, and impatient. They can also quickly get bored with their current toys (just ask our son!) and spend their time looking forward to the next thing. I think that's why we often turn to material possessions for our happiness, instead of renewing joy in Jesus. "Yeah, He's already saved me, but that new iPod is on sale at BestBuy!" Our son, though his heart is so sweet and pure, sometimes expresses concern that he might get bored in Heaven. :)

The best thing that I can do is focus on Jesus and His Eternal Word and reject this world as much as I can... but the LEGO Mindstorms robot kit my dad got us is so cool!!! :) Sighh....
Tamela's Place said…

lol! that is soo true..And Jesus said, let the little children come for such is the Kingdom of Heaven... So i think the children will fit in just fine and probably never get bored... But the adults...hmmm.. i wonder about them getting bored? LOL!
Andrew Clarke said…
I recall that when I'd just become a Christian, (aged 24) I sometimes felt the way I had when much younger in that I could enjoy things in a way that I'd lost the ability to, having become cynical. That is, I could become like a child again in my enjoyment of things. That's part of the blessing of faith in Jesus: you do not depend on the things of this world and the disillusionment that the world can cause does not overcome your spirit. Great post, Tamela. Blessings to you and yours.
Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Andrew for your comment.. The Spirit in us does overcome all.. Praise be to Jesus our Lord and Savior for this. I am soo thankful for the gift of His Holy Spirit

Tamela :)

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