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The Birth of a Warrior

The storm is violent, the sea is raging
The boat is tossed and darkness engaging
But there's hope in the distance, a Light he does see
Penetrating the night causing the darkness to flee
Clothed in his battle gear, Shield in his hand
With the Sword of the Spirit he takes a stand
He sets his course and aims straight for the Light
Though the wind is blowing he won't give up this fight
JESUS! he proclaims standing strong and tall
He's my Savior my King I will not fall
The shield of faith guards him round about
Quenching and deflecting every mindful doubt
With the sword of the Spirit he does proclaim
"That I'm more than a conqueror in Jesus name"
Salvation is his, he knows in his heart
That the winds must cease and the darkness depart
The Truth is known and now he does see
That the Light of Jesus has set him free
Though the boat is battered
And ripped and torn
Under his mantle
Tamela Greenwell


Reminds me of Mark 4 and Matthew 8.:)
Jody said…
Love your posts/poems. Have a great weekend.
Tamela's Place said…
Hello Russ,

Thank you for your comment I believe Mt.8:24-27 is what you are referring to. I wrote this poem at a time in our lives when we found ourselves in the middle of a violent storm (spiritually as well as physically speaking)And It was Jesus that intervened in our lives and brought us out as we continued to place our faith in Him. And we never gave up hope. At that time in our lives God was teaching us about spiritual warfare. It was at this time we began to understand the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in a person's life which cause him to conquer and overcome in the Name of Jesus!

Tammy :)
Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Jody may you have a great weekend as well.. Thank you for your comments :)
Stopped by your page tonite and was blessed to see your poem "The Birth of a Warrior"! That has always been one of my favorite poems that you wrote! There's just something about it that gets ya every time ya read it. :)
Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Tracy the one's that have an experience behind them are normally the ones that touch the hearts the most especially when others can relate :)

This goes beyond Mark 4 and matthew 8; this goes to today. Life here anymore seems to always be within a storm raging. Now though is not the hour when Jesus calms the storm. He is the lighthouse in the distance that says it is near, that safe harbor is near. We have to look to that guide and hope and be The Warrior, don't we?

Very true poem.

One question, though, where did you get the un-photoshopped portrait of me to illustrate it. You know I've been trying to keep all those wrinkles and furrows hidden. :)

Tamela's Place said…
Hey Lar,

Those wrinkles and furrows is the warrior within showing forth so be proud of them lol! Yeah it seems like now we do see the Lighthouse in the distance. Sometimes it just seems to take a little longer to reach it. The storms of life in this world can seem relentless at times but Jesus the Lighthouse never leaves us nor forsakes us He will always bring us to safety one way or another. He is faithful!

Tammy :)
LoCTY said…
Good to see you writing poetry that comes from your heart. I loved the photograph used to illustrate the poem. It's kinda like you see all his life's struggles and joys written on his face. I often think of 2 Corinthians 12:9 & 10 when I am battling.
Tamela's Place said…
Thank you Locty, I thought the pic. looked like a man who had been thru some hard stuff but had an underlying strength deep within. A picture paints a thousand words you know.. When I first began writing I wrote mainly poems. It usually takes experiences in life that are one of the extremes of either great joy or great struggle before I'm inspired to write a poem.

That's a great scripture to look too when struggling it has been one I have drawn from as well.

Tammy :)
Lori Laws said…
Hi Tamela, I don't know how I missed this one. What a great poem! I'd like to repost this on my blog. but not without your permission. Of course I will link it back to you. God bless!

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