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Hope: It whispers liberty to the slave, freedom to the captive, health to the sick, home to the wandering, friends to the forsaken, peace to the troubled, supplies to the needy, bread to the hungry, strength to the weak, rest to the weary, life to the dying. It has sunshine in its eye, encouragement on its tongue, and inspiration in its hand. Eternal Hope! Hope gilds the future. Hope cheers and rouses the soul. The man who carries the lantern in a dark night can have friends all around him, walking safely by the help of its rays, and not be defrauded. So he who has the God-given light of hope in his breast can help on many others in this worlds darkness, not to his own loss, but to their precious gain. Hope is an anchor to the soul, both sure and steadfast, that will steady our frail back, while sailing over the ocean of life, and that will enable us to out ride the storms of time-a hope that reaches from earth to heaven. This hope is based on faith in the immaculate redeemer, and keeps…

Who do you say that I am?

I have been on a mission learning to see people through the eyes of Jesus. Through prayer and study of God's Word as well as some research on different personality types God has help to unfold some very interesting personality profiles (I might add that there is a lot out there that needs a spiritual filter as to sift through the garbage though). The Lord has shown me that for the true "Christians" the real person/personality will be who that person is in Christ and who He created them to be. For example let's take a look at the person of Peter. Peter comes across as a boisterous prideful man who is so brave and strong and willing to fight no matter the cost. He's a big talker, and the first to say "let me take care of that, I can handle it." I'm sure Peter's personality was very annoying to some back in the day and that many looked at him as an obnoxious character. But just as there were Peter's then, there are Peter personalities today. B…