Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who do you say that I am?

I have been on a mission learning to see people through the eyes of Jesus. Through prayer and study of God's Word as well as some research on different personality types God has help to unfold some very interesting personality profiles (I might add that there is a lot out there that needs a spiritual filter as to sift through the garbage though). The Lord has shown me that for the true "Christians" the real person/personality will be who that person is in Christ and who He created them to be. For example let's take a look at the person of Peter. Peter comes across as a boisterous prideful man who is so brave and strong and willing to fight no matter the cost. He's a big talker, and the first to say "let me take care of that, I can handle it." I'm sure Peter's personality was very annoying to some back in the day and that many looked at him as an obnoxious character. But just as there were Peter's then, there are Peter personalities today. But... take a look at this, Jesus chose that boisterous Peter to be one of His disciples, why would Jesus choose such a person you might ask, because, Jesus knew who Peter truly was and who he was created to be, and He knew that if Peter vented his personality in the right direction for the right purpose he would be a power house for the cause of Christ. See how Jesus seen Peter, that is how we need to start seeing ourselves and others. Take a look at each of the twelve, they all have unique personalities that when surrendered to the purpose and will of God they turned the world upside down. And if you look closely into the personality of each you will no doubt see yourself in one or more of them.

Years ago I read a book that was a required read for a Bible class I was taking, it was a book about the twelve Disciples and why Jesus chose them to follow Him. It was one of those books that made a huge impact on my life. As I read the book I found myself becoming very acquainted with each Disciple and how I could see myself in some of them as well as others that I knew, and because of that book I began to understand that just as Jesus called Disciples then, He is calling Disciples today saying, "Come follow Me" rise up and be who you have been created to be. The Bible says that in Him we live and move and have our being, so why not embrace that and stop allowing the enemy, or others critical views, or even your own negative thoughts stop you from being the person that God says you are.

Jesus asked His Disciples, "Who do men say that I the Son of man am?" And they answered and said, some say that you are John the Baptist, others say that you are Elias, and some say that you are Jeremiah or one of the Prophets. Jesus said unto the Disciples, But who do you say that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Jesus answered Peter and said to him, "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto you, but my Father which is in heaven. That boisterous confident Peter stepped right up didn't he? Do you know who your Father/Creator is, have you proclaimed as Peter who Jesus truly is? Did you notice that when Peter said who Jesus was, Jesus replied back and told Peter who he was by saying he was blessed for the Father had told Him this. When thinking of another, have you taken the time to ask the Father how He might see that person? Knowing who Jesus truly is by revelation of the Father is the first step in knowing who you are in Christ as well as seeing who others are. It takes a Spiritual eye instead of a fleshly one to unfold beautiful truths into the Spiritual nature of a persons heart and soul, and at this point is when you will begin to see that person differently. We can be very critical and even deceive ourselves when viewing with the fleshly eye. Until we can see with the Spiritual eye we will never behold the true heart of the person in Christ and will always find it difficult to accept them, as well as step up, step out and move forward in Christ for ourselves. Sure... we will mess up and falter and find ourselves operating in the flesh at times, but should that cause us to stop and move backwards, No! for grace says repent, learn from it and continue moving forward. Stop beating yourself up and or others and rise above the flesh. May the flesh come under submission to the Spirit. Let that be your prayer.

May we all think upon these things and know who we are in Christ Jesus and begin looking at others through His eyes and be strengthened in the power of the risen Savior. Arise anew my friend and be the person who God created you to be. Be forewarned though that as the flesh decreases and God increases in you, you may be misunderstood and even hated by some who have yet to see with a spiritual eye, but remember it is not you they hate but Christ Jesus. Which is truly sad, for He only loved them to the utmost, and though it causes Him to weep, know that He loves you and He rejoices over you for stepping up and walking out who you are in Him. Know this my friend, that once you understand how much the Lord truly loves you it will strengthen you in His Spirit, and not being loved or accepted by others will not matter to you as much.


Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Sometimes it is good to step back and try to see things with fresh eyes. We become so familiar with the Bible stories we stop seeing the characters as real people. Jesus picked a diverse group of personalities as his Apostles. You need that to create a good working team, the strengths of each personality supplements the weaknesses of each other. You need a cautious doubter like Thomas to slow down a charging bull like Peter.

Real life example from back in the day when I was fully employed. I was in a creative job and I had an assistant. On tests that determine your basic type, I was strongest as a Conceptualizer-Analytical. My assistant was a Conceptualizer-Activator. We worked very well together, both being Conceptualizers, but I kept her in check wanting to analyze the possibilities and she got me moving wanting to put it into action.

I think Peter was a very strong Activator, but probably pretty weak on the analytical part, at least he didn't much of it until after the fact. He was quick to cut off a guy's ear, without considering there were a whole bunch of guys around with swords who probably knew how to use them better than he. He was quick to walk on the water, but once he thought about it...


Tamela's Place said...

Hey Lar,

yeah I guess one could probably write just about the person of Peter and make it a very interesting read. You are very good at bringing it all together Lar. It's funny how I will pick out some bits and pieces and write about it but then you see a bigger picture, I think we would probably make a good team, I spur the idea and then you know how to expound more upon it and bring it to a nice completion. Thank you for all your positive insight it always helps me to see the deeper things.
Tammy :)

thekingpin68 said...

'Jesus knew who Peter truly was and who he was created to be, and He knew that if Peter vented his personality in the right direction for the right purpose he would be a power house for the cause of Christ. See how Jesus seen Peter, that is how we need to start seeing ourselves and others...'

Hi Tammy


God alone fully knows:

A person.

And the plans for a person in this life and the next.

Blessings to you and family.:)

Twenty-nine confirmed for my grad so far..not bad.

Congrats on your anniversary.

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Russ,

As for the entirety of the post I was desiring to relay that as a born again Christian filled with the Spirit/via the power of the Spirit it is possible for one to see the true heart of a person maybe not to the degree that God sees them but to the extent that they see with a purer heart the spiritual nature of that person and not so much only the negatives in which we can view others with our fleshly critical eye.

Blessings to you and your family as well Russ and Congratulations to you. All your hard work and study will begin to pay off as you live and devote yourself to your convictions when serving the Lord. Thank you for the anniversary greetings!

Tammy :)

valerie said...

Hi Tamela, simply a beautiful post and and awesome reminder that we are "new creatures in Christ" which means we should see people the way he sees them. It takes us quite awhile to understand and begin doing this, yet when we do, oh how beautiful it is. Thank you for the post and blessings to you.

IJ said...

Sis, I thank God for your life and you did well in posting this, For this is a gift most us lack today , We need to learn to love as Christ loves... Nobody says it is easy to do but we can reach out and let Gods mercy flow through us to others.

Longest time , glad to be back!
God bless you Mightily in Jesus Name Amen

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Valerie thankyou for visiting with me. I'm trying to get back up and going with my blog and will be back to visit you as well. That is soo very true that it does take awhile to learn how to see others thru the eyes of Jesus, but when we do begin to learn it does make a beautiful difference all around..

Tammy :)

Tamela's Place said...

Thank you for visiting IJ it is good to be back. Thankyou for your encouraging words as always..

Tammy :)

Lori Laws said...

Hi Tamela,

Wonderful, wonderful post! There are many of us, who in our past lives were boisterous "Peters!" But God saw us as precious diamonds in the rough-He knew what kind of men and woman we could become. Now we use our 'boisterous' selves for the cause of Christ! I am simply awestruck at the transformation. Blessings :)

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