Friday, April 15, 2011

Quench your thirst

Oh how I love the Word of God, for I draw all that I need from God's Word and am filled. When I drink in the Word of God it always quenches my thirsting soul. When in doubt I draw faith from His Word, when in sorrow I draw joy, when in suffering I draw hope, when in fear I draw peace, when in sickness I draw healing. What is the water you need today? The Word of God says to draw from the wells of salvation joy for this day. God faithfully carries us day by day giving unto us His love, grace and tender mercies. He is always faithful and never slumbers. His ears are open to our prayers and He is faithful to answer. Even in our mistakes God is still faithful. He always stands arms wide open saying come. He is always there, close by with a smile on His face, watching over us, leading us, guiding us along our journey. He is our Heavenly Daddy that will never leave us or forsake us. Though suffering may come we will see His glory and He will share His glory with His own. He performs miracles and never ceases to work His amazing work in our lives. Whatever your hearts cry, God is right there to lift you up and help you along. The end of the Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy (James 5:11). And the water of His Word is forever quenching the thirsty lives of His children! Cry to Him and draw from Him today, He is waiting for you...