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New Beginnings

Where has the time gone. It has been awhile since I have written anything. Life has a way of interrupting in good ways as well as maybe some bad. But for us it has been good and we are so very thankful. Here we are beginning a new year with a new Grandbaby, in a new home, and working new jobs. Our life in Arizona for 5 in a half years was filled with many a life lessons, some good and some not so good. But hey we are back living in our home town and life has seemed to begin afresh for us. Wow! how thankful I am for fresh starts. God is so very good about that, giving us new beginnings that is and allowing us the freedoms to live and learn and to come to that place where we can sit back and look at all that has transpired and say thank you God for your mercy and grace, for your loving kindness and for your blessings that come our way more often then not if we would just take the time to be still and listen and watch. How Great God has been and always will be. Placing our trust in Him will always in the end bring forth His tender affection and mercy. Life will never cease to be difficult from time to time but nor will it cease to be good from time to time. I guess that's what it takes so as to keep our eyes fixed upon what really matters in life. Trusting God and a whole lot of lovin is what will hold out in the end.

written by Tammy



New beginnings come often in life. We are at that point again ourselves, a time to start a new beginning, perhaps the last on this earth. In our case, not a new baby, but our grown babies about to take the step out to their own lives. This is good for them and us, but we will have to move on from this place soon as well. Place is too big and costly for us now.

Nice to see you write even a small piece and Joe should write more himself.

Tamela's Place said…
hi Larry.. yes new beginnings come often some may be bittersweet, but there are seasons for all things i guess. I hope you and your wife find a nice place that you can call home again, we also downsized went from 2100 sq ft to 1100 sq ft. Its been hard finding places to put things but in time i know it will be the perfect size for my husband and I. We are praying that our son will find a better job and a place of his own soon for him and his fiance, they are staying with us and her little girl. So it is a little cramped right now. But all in good time. I hope for them to marry soon before they make the move though. Times have been tough for so many when it comes to jobs and just making a decent living. But i know that if we keep our eyes on God and trust for His provision He will be faithful in seeing His children thru.

For some reason your post about Joe writing his own blog and congratulating us about our little Myah wouldn't publish. I think Joe would write more if he had more time. He works about 66 hrs a week so he doesn't have much time to do much of anything else. But we are thankful for the job and know that in good time things will slow down just a bit for him..

Take care Lar
Tammy :)
'Where has the time gone. It has been awhile since I have written anything.'

I thought you had been blog raptured...

'Our life in Arizona for 5 in a half years was filled with many a life lessons, some good and some not so good.'

The snow says not likely in Greater Phoenix. I am glad the move was good.

Tamela's Place said…
haha! Russ.. i think i get life raptured every now and then..
Tamela's Place said…
Thanks Russ... yeah it's kinda nice seeing the snow again.. :)

Tell Joe I feel for him. I use to work those 60 and more hours a week all the time and then work some more at home. I'm glad those days are over. I couldn't do it anymore. I haven't worked at all now since Christmas Eve. I don't know if I'll ever be called back or not this spring. This last two weeks I wouldn't have been able to gang those clothes anyway. i had bursitis of my right knee and could hardly walk or do much of anything.

I'm hoping to really step up my writing in 2012.

My son signed an apartment lease yesterday, so today he is going to be moving some of his stuff down. A lot of changes.

Tamela's Place said…
may your writing prosper in 2012 Lar and may your families transitions be blessed, change is is a very good thing sometimes

Tammy :)

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