Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Real Man

Here's my motivational exhortation for all the real men out there. Just because you play music, write poetry, and are in touch with your emotional/sensitive side and know how to be a loving true friend to another male "doesn't make you gay". A real man knows this to be true because they have the capacity of heart and mind to know the difference between sex and love. Men get a bad wrap and just can't seem to win because the world will portray this kind of character in a man as someone who is gay, thus many men suffer identity crisis. Real men that are in tune/sensitive to their Creator's heart will not be deceived but be able to distinguish between the truth and the lies of this world and realize that God created them with emotion and sensitivity as to know what real love is and how to show forth that love. After all, man was created by God, who is a God of emotion and the all encompassing expression of life living "Love". God formed you from the dust of the ground in the image and likeness of Himself and He didn't stop there, He also breathed into mans nostrils the breath of life, thus giving man all the attributes of Himself and man became a living soul. Men, you have been given the whole package of manhood and not just the physical.

A real man will understand the concept of loving his wife as Christ loved the church and gave His life for it. A real man understands the love in laying down his life for a friend. A real man understands righteous indignation in loving tough, and understands that this is what it may take in order to see a victorious end. I would go as far as to say that a real man has a greater understanding of love and how to convey it then most women if he would be willing to let go and allow himself to be sensitive to the heart of God and be the man God created him to be. If men would do this without concerning themselves with the disgusting lies of the world they would not only be powerhouses in courage, strength, honor, determination, hard-working, but they would also be passionate, righteous, loving individuals who will display the most beautiful character of God, which is love in its rawest form, and they will be as King David was, "a man after God's own heart".

I am thoroughly disgusted at how people poke and make fun of this kind of character in men and make jokes about it. Call me old fashion, a stick in the mud, I don't care. It's not right and I'm tired of the homosexual labels and jokes.

Quit you like men the Bible says, rise up man of God. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed of the emotional side of God that abides within you. You are not an idiot, you are not out of touch when it comes to love in it's purest form, you do understand, so stop pretending like you don't just because the t.v shows, psychologist, books and others tell you so. You are physical beings but you are also an emotional being just as God created you, stop going along with the lies that you are clueless. Nor are you effeminate just because you are in touch with your sensitive side, King David wasn't and he was a man of poetry, as well as a man of war and had a deep abiding love ( not a sexual one) for his dear friend Jonathan. In fact King David was so in touch with his emotional/sensitive side that he not only wrote poetry but also played the harp and fought with his bare hands a lion and a bear just to save the sheep that he shepherded and loved. He was all the things that the world would label a man as gay. But the fact is, King David had a fondness of desiring many women and this was one of his flaws.

Men if you choose to act like you don't know and laugh about how you are clueless when it comes to emotion/sentiment or use them as a justification for perverted living then you "dishonor the character of God Himself". But, if you have been innocently ignorant up to this point, consider yourself now schooled in the character of God and how He created you, so be set free and be the man that God created you to be, a living loving being who is well intentioned and fully aware of your identity in the image of God!

written by Tammy

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