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A Real Man

Here's my motivational exhortation for all the real men out there. Just because you play music, write poetry, and are in touch with your emotional/sensitive side and know how to be a loving true friend to another male "doesn't make you gay". A real man knows this to be true because they have the capacity of heart and mind to know the difference between sex and love. Men get a bad wrap and just can't seem to win because the world will portray this kind of character in a man as someone who is gay, thus many men suffer identity crisis. Real men that are in tune/sensitive to their Creator's heart will not be deceived but be able to distinguish between the truth and the lies of this world and realize that God created them with emotion and sensitivity as to know what real love is and how to show forth that love. After all, man was created by God, who is a God of emotion and the all encompassing expression of life living "Love". God formed you from the d…