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There is no high like the Most High

May we stop giving into temporary fleshly fixes. Our birthright is to have all that the Spirit has to give us. We have been given freedom, and whom the Son sets free is free indeed. May we not become entangled with the flesh and all it demands. True faith in Christ Jesus will establish His grace in us, which will work in us to will and do His good pleasure. May we stop placing our self in bondage to sin. May we be sensitive to the voice of our Shepherd, for He will lead us and guide us, He will tell us which way to go, what to do or not to do. May we listen to the voice of Truth and not the voice of lies. The enemy is a master manipulator that flatters with his words and knows how to speak to the longings of our flesh. The person who wants to be somebody, be recognized, given position can be easily enticed/deceived by the enemy. The enemy will use people to give us what we desire, which may not be God's will for us. Like Esau we can become hungry, weary, and desirous to have a lon…